zkApes’ Roadmap To Apeverse

2 min readOct 28, 2022


zkApes is an NFT project built on zkSync L2. We are developing 9999 dynamic NFTs (dNFT), every Ape is original and unique. zkApes are developing metaverse, we call Apeverse, you can exchange your NFT(AMM), play games, make money in Apeverse.

Q1–3, 2022

· Website Launch.
· Discord Open.
· Twitter Open.
· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Planning.
· Gather Developers and Designers in Community.
· NFT platform Research (AMM).
· NFT Smart Contract.
· zkApes NFT design.

Q4, 2022

· 9999 zkApes on ipfs.
· NFT sale test on zkSync Era testnet.
· Stress test for zkSync Era testnet.
· NFT platform(ApeX) test on zkSync Era testnet.
· Minigames Development hiring and start.
· zkApes dNFT design.
· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Design.

Q1, 2023

· zkSync Name Service test on zkSync Era testnet.
· Apescan test on zkSync Era testnet.
· ApeX Support third-party wallet.
· zkApes website new UI/UX design.
· ApeX new UI/UX design.
· zkApes domains brand logo/UI/UX design.
· Apescan apis preparation
· zkApes Defi Planning.
· zkApes Defi smart contract deploying and UI/UX design.
· ApeWallet Planning.

Q2, 2023

· Apply zkSync Era mainnet Alpha.
· zkApes contract on zkSync Era mainnet Alpha.
· Defi launch on zkSync Era mainnet Alpha.
· zkApes new brand website release.
· zkApes Defi test on zkSync Era testnet.
· Apex future planning.
· dNFT airdrop.
· Token release.
· zkSync Name Service on zkSync Era mainnet.
· zkSync Name Service airdrop.
· NFT platform launch.
· zkApes Public sale whitelist(Free Mint) announcement.
· zkApes Public sale on zkSync 2.0 mainnet.Q3, 2023

Q3, 2023

· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Design.
· Anti-Cheat tactics in Minigames
· Minigames Development.
· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Early Access test.
· zkApe Arena desigh.
· Minigames launch(PTE) with dNFT.
· zkApes Arena launch.
· zkDAO design.
· Onboard more minigames for zkApes Arcade.
· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Early Access launch.

Q3, 2023

· Onboard more minigames for zkApes Arcade.
· zkDAO launch.
· zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Development.


zkApe Metaverse(Apeverse) Development.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/zk_apes

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